How to find the right legal services for your business?


Whether you have been in business for a long time or are just starting out, you will likely come across many situations where you may need legal advice. Legal services are required for any business to run smoothly and safely, no matter its size. Selecting the right legal services so you can be assisted with appropriate guidance is therefore vital for the business to get the assurance that problems are being addressed.

Why do businesses need legal services?

While we become more and more entrepreneurial, and so-called ‘side hustles’ are popping up left and right, there is also an increase in novel businesspeople. Young companies, in particular, are often unaware of certain risks, until it is too late. Commercial legal services, which are those focusing on commercial business life rather than, for instance, family relationships, come into play with nearly every aspect of doing business.

For any business, big or small, it is difficult to keep track of potential liabilities. Small actions or informal or good-faith agreements have the potential to harm your company’s reputation or lead to financial damage. In a worst-case scenario, underestimating the risks of even the most basic transactions may destroy your business.

The support offered through legal services is broad. Beyond dealing with the day-to-day legal issues of the company, legal services are useful to expand the business. Expansion is an intricate process and, whichever way you do it, comes with many formalities. Another vital role of legal services within the company is the use of legal documents, including agreements, policies, and other documentation. Putting together such documentation requires a good understanding of the laws and regulations. Although there is much to be found online to help you, working with a good legal consultant will give you the assurance that everything is in order. These are just some of the most basic and general issues which require legal assistance. They will apply to any company, but, depending on your size and industry, you will have other requirements.

How do you find the right legal services?

In order to select the right legal services for your company, you will need to consider your budget and your needs – as with any service. If you are not currently in any (major) issues, and you are just looking to pre-emptively retain legal services to protect and strengthen your business, full-service legal counsel should be a great fit. This means that the legal services you hire will assist you at every step of the way, as they will have the expertise and knowledge spanning across different areas of relevance.

However, if you are experiencing any issue in particular, or if you have a specific need to be covered, specialized legal services are the way to go. A specialized legal professional will be much better equipped to handle focused issues, as they have a lot more experience in the area. This is not to say that a general legal counsel will not be able to help, but rather, their generality does imply a lack of specialization in any one area. To give an example, LoudLaw specializes in Business and Human Rights related legal services. We believe that any company that does not take into account human rights will eventually face adverse impact on its operations due to legal liabilities.

As a business, you are welcome to shop around and use different experts for different issues. Many legal professionals will also have an extensive network of colleagues in different areas of expertise which will allow them to recommend or collaborate with others in order to serve your business.