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This Privacy Policy provides an overview of all information regarding the processing of personal data by LoudLaw, a company registered under the laws of the Netherlands, under company number 80904211, hereafter referred to as LoudLaw, we or us. At LoudLaw, we strive to make you feel safe when we collect or share your data and we want to be transparent on how we collect, use, share and store the information about you and the choices available to you as data subject. This Privacy Policy is about how we handle the personal information of clients and users of the LoudLaw services and the website, located as (the Website).

We reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time. This may have to happen in the case of new developments, activities, services or when applicable legislation is changed. We will notify you if any changes occur. 

1.     When does this Privacy Policy apply?

This Privacy Policy applies to the processing of personal data of LoudLaw clients. This Privacy Policy also applies to all personal data of clients that are stored and/or processed by us on a server in the European Union (EU). This Privacy Policy does not apply to the processing of employee data in the context of their employment or contractual relationship with LoudLaw, nor does it apply to any company data processed by us, which is governed by the relevant confidentiality clauses of the applicable terms and conditions.

2.     What types of personal information do we collect and why?

2.1   To offer you the functionalities of the Website and for the technical and functional management thereof


We strive to make our Website easily accessible and to offer you the best possible experience and functionalities. We process the technical data of everyone who visits and uses our Website in order to manage it and improve its performance. We may also need to process your personal data so that you can save your data (or preferences) to configure your device to give you a personalized experience. 


We process your personal data for this purpose based on your consent. Upon visiting our Website, you will be prompted to consent to the use of cookies. It is also possible to refuse all cookies, although this may affect the functionalities of the Website. 


We process all personal data that you have entered on our website or that is generated by the use of our cookies, including your IP address and which internet browser you use.

How long?

Storage for this purpose differs per cookie. However, data gathered for this purpose shall never be stored for longer than 2 years.

2.2   To effectively handle communications on several platforms


LoudLaw maintains active accounts on various social media platforms, including Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube and Facebook. When you contact LoudLaw through one of these platforms, we have to process your personal information to answer your questions, respond to messages or requests you may have.


We process your personal data on the basis of a legitimate interest. Communication with (potential) clients is of vital importance for our company. It can also improve our overall marketing and communication efforts. We want to remain open to queries on our social media platforms while also retaining the secure and transparent way of handling customer data that we have employed on our own Website.


For this specific purpose we process the personal data that you have used to connect with us. This includes your (user) name, address, e-mail address, gender and any additional personal information that you have included in your message and/or on your profile.

 How long?

We keep this collected data as long as it takes to handle your query or complaint, plus an additional month. After this period, we will permanently remove all this data from our systems.


2.3   For answering your questions and handling complaints


If you contact us in any way, we will use your personal information to answer your question or to handle a complaint.


We process your personal data based on consent and legitimate interest. Where possible, we will ask for you consent before you contact us. In any other case, our legitimate interest is formed by our intention to handle your complaints and questions carefully in order to properly run and improve our business.


For this purpose, we process your name, contact details, your correspondence with LoudLaw about your question or complaint and all other personal information that is required to answer your question or handle your specific query and/or complaint.

How long?

We keep your personal data for as long as necessary to complete your request or handle the complaint, plus an additional month, after which the data will be removed from our systems.


2.4   To ensure proper enforcement and respect for your rights contained in this Privacy Policy


Section 7 of this Privacy Policy sets out all the rights granted to you by the GDPR. We respect these rights at all times. However, in order to do so, we must process your personal data to execute and manage your requests in connection with these rights. For example, if you want to exercise your right to be forgotten, we must record a minimum amount of data to ensure that we no longer contact you.


The processing of this personal data is based on our legal obligation to provide a way for our data subjects to exercise their rights. In addition, we have a legitimate interest that we have is that we intend to respect your choices and therefore we want to ensure that if you exercise your right to forget, we will never contact you again for any purpose.


For this purpose, we process contact information such as your address and e-mail address and personal information such as your name.

 How long?

Due to the nature of this purpose, we must keep this information for an indefinite period.


2.5   To perform consultancy services and other services as offered


LoudLaw offers various consultancy services and services related thereto. As a result, we establish contractual relationships with LoudLaw clients, and we need to be able to perform our legal obligations under the applicable terms and conditions. This section includes all services offered by LoudLaw, either physically or electronically. We process your personal data to execute an agreement with you, as well as for administrative purposes, such as sending invoices.


We process personal data for this purpose based on our contract with you and our legitimate interest. We do this based on the contract you entered into with LoudLaw regarding the provision of services. Our legitimate interest in processing your data stems from our intention to comply with applicable law.


For this purpose, we process your contact details such as your (business) address, telephone number and e-mail address, personal data such as name, profession, payment and credit information, and other data stored in our database with all relations of LoudLaw. This section also covers any additional personal information you disclose to us while receiving the services. Confidential (business) information provided to LoudLaw within the context of the services is covered by a confidentiality obligation in the applicable terms and conditions.

How long?

Your personal information will be stored for up to 7 years after the end of our relationship with you. After this period your personal data will be deleted from our systems.


2.6   For relationship management and marketing


LoudLaw may use the information in the contractual relationships database to send you newsletters and to otherwise provide customer service. We also use your personal data for the development, execution, and analysis of market research and marketing strategies.


We process your personal data for this purpose based on your consent. You can withdraw your consent at any time, without this having consequence for the lawfulness of processing based on permission before withdrawal. We may also process your data on the basis of legitimate interest. For example, if you are a previous client, we may provide you with additional marketing which we deem is relevant to you, even if you have not expressly consented thereto.


For this purpose, we process your contact details such as your address and e-mail address and personal details such as your name and date of birth, contact preferences, and your history and former correspondence with us.

How long?

Personal data is stored for a maximum of 10 years after the termination of our relationship. After this period your personal data will be deleted from our systems.


3.     Cookies

Cookies are used on the LoudLaw Website. To find out more about how we use cookies, please read the Cookie Policy.


4.     Special personal data

We insist on not processing any personal data of children below the age of 16 unless this is explicitly consented to by a parent or legal guardian. However, as it is hard to detect whether we are doing so, we strongly encourage you to inform us if you have reason to believe we process the personal data of a minor. We will delete this personal data instantly.


5.     Which parties have access to your personal data?

 LoudLaw undertakes every effort to protect your personal data and has taken the necessary steps to this end. Only our employees have access to personal data, and only to the extent necessary to properly perform their individual tasks.

LoudLaw only shares personal information with third parties if it is necessary to serve the applicable purpose as set out above. When a third party processes your personal data, this is only possible according to the instructions of LoudLaw. They, therefore, act as our data processor. In all cases, we will ensure that third parties with access to your personal information have implemented appropriate technical and organizational measures to maintain our intended level of privacy and security. We conclude the necessary agreement with the data processor(s), whereby we include obligations to ensure that your personal data is only processed so that the data processor can fulfil his duty to provide services to us.

Under these conditions, the following third parties will have access to your personal data: 

  • Information regarding your payments and the provision of services may be shared with payment processors, fraud detection and prevention services, accounting and financial advisors, and legal advisors.
  • If LoudLaw makes use of subcontractors to perform (part of) the services, these subcontractors will have access to your personal data insofar as necessary to perform their work. LoudLaw will enter into the relevant processing agreements with these parties to ensure the safety and integrity of your data.
  • IT and financial consultants; auditors.

In all other cases, your personal information will not be provided to third parties, unless required by law. LoudLaw will never sell your personal data.


6.     Security

Your personal information is stored securely at all times. We value the protection of your privacy. As such, we ensure that the personal data is only accessible to those specific persons who are authorized based on their function. In addition, we have implemented measures to guarantee your safe visit to and use of our Website. This way we prevent misuse of your data. These measures include computer security and protected files and facilities. Our Website is protected through an SSL-certificate.

LoudLaw has taken the necessary technical and organizational measures to prevent, identify, report, and deal with data protection breaches. However, in the event that a data breach occurs, LoudLaw will, without undue delay and where possible, not later than 72 hours after being notified, report the breach of personal data to the relevant Data Protection Authority.


7.     Access to, correction, or deletion of personal data

 As the owner of the personal data, you have the following rights:

  • Right of access: You have the right to receive a copy of the personal information we hold about you to verify that we are lawfully processing the data.
  • Right to correction: You may request any incomplete or incorrect information that we may have about you to be corrected or supplemented.
  • Right to be "forgotten": If there is no good reason to keep your personal information, we will stop processing. You also have the right to ask us to delete your personal information.
  • Right to limit the processing of your personal data: You can submit a request not to process your personal data, either temporarily or permanently.
  • Right to portability: You can submit a request to transfer your personal data to a person or institution designated by you.
  • Right to object to processing: Under certain circumstances, you can object to the processing of personal data altogether.
  • Right to withdraw consent: You also have the right to withdraw your previously granted permission to process your personal data or to object to the processing of your personal data by LoudLaw.

Every request is subject to applicable law, which means that we may have to store personal information.

We also want to inform you and remind you that you can file a formal complaint with a national data protection authority.

 If you want to exercise any of your rights as set out above, you can do so here at any time: 



Any Questions?

If you still have questions after reading this Privacy Policy or if you have suggestions or comments about its content, you can always contact us via: